New Release: Christmas anthology

New Release! Nine Ladies Dancing

New Release: Christmas anthology


I’m so pleased to be among the authors represented in NineLadies Dancing: Christmas in London. This is a new holiday anthology includingeleven sweet historical romances by veteran authors. The collection was editedand published by Dingbat Publishing, and will be available only through February2023. Titles included are:


SoMerry and Bright byMiranda D. NelsonWhen an unwanted marriage proposal makes Maggiescramble for another solution, her surly neighbor’s unexpected idea may be herbest chance.
Christmas Kisses by Nicole ZoltakCaught between acharming, scandalous duke and a marquess’s rude son, Anna makes the only choiceher heart can accept.
The Toymaker by Kay SpringsteenHer parents want her tomarry a duke. Lady Ivy Plumthorne has already met the man of her dreams… andhe's a toymaker. Can they both be right?
Lost in Lavender by Patricia KiyonoFormer countess SelinaDavison has built a successful millinery business. When a handsome gentlemanstumbles into her shop asking for directions, she remembers what her life usedto be.
Vidal’s Honor by Sherry GloagFramed for treason, herhusband murdered, Honor, Lady Beaumont, must escape across a war zone and theSpanish mountains, with a former suitor to protect her. Who framed her and howcan she clear her name?
The Duke of Christmas Past by Kim BowmanThe only thingDonovan Ellis, seventh Duke of Gatewood, wants for Christmas is for it to beover. But when a ghostly apparition visits him, claiming things can be setright, can Donovan believe? Can he trust the Duke of Christmas Past?
The Christmas Pact by Jenna JaxonThe last time Hen kissedCharlie under the mistletoe, he was twelve and she was ten. That hasn’t stoppedher from wanting to try it again.
The Christmas Runaway by Nadine MillardEmily has lovedHenry since she was a child. Now, with her scheming mother and stepfathertrying to force her into marriage with an elderly, titled lecher, she has nochoice but to run away, through a snowstorm, on Christmas Eve. Only the help ofan unusual guardian angel can save her and her love for Henry.
Time for a Duke by Ruth J HartmanIzzy Hodgkin just wantsher London vacation to be an adventure. Who knew that involved being locked ina closet only to find it’s 1812 when the door is opened by a handsome duke?
Rented One Christmas by Felicia RogersJulian’s motherthinks he has a wife and children. He doesn’t. But with the help of his prettymaid Mira, maybe he can fool Mama over the holidays… and fool his heart, aswell.
Scandal on Half Moon Street by Vivian RoycroftAnne’s mamahas forbidden her to speak with her beloved Frederick, much less marry him. Nowthe most notorious rake in the ton, Ernst Anton Oldenburg, Duke ofCumberland, is making a play for her. Who’s the right man? And will herreputation survive the Duke’s assault long enough to find out?


Nine Ladies Dancing is available only at Amazon.


Patricia Kiyono can be found on her website and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bookbub, and Amazon.




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